Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Each of our bracelets is custom made by our team of experienced artisans and jewelry makers. Not one is the same, although some have the same size, due to the nature of the semi precious beads, not one is 100% identical. The beads can vary slightly in structure, color and size.

To keep your jewelry in the best condition, there are several general rules that apply, not just for our pieces, but for all precious/fine jewelry.



To get your 'shine' back to your exclusive quality piece, do not wash it with water or cleaning lotions. ONLY clean it with a soft cloth by gently wiping it untill it has gotten its shine back.


Contact with other elements

This one is hard, since you would probably like to wear it everywhere you go and at all times. Although that is great, it is not always the smartest thing for your jewelry. A couple of basic recommendations are as follows:

- avoid humidity, heat and overexposure to sunlight

- avoid contact with perfume, water, bleaches, lotions and of course hairspray.

We know it is hard to do, but it is the best way to keep your precious piece in great shape.